Identity Theft (not me!)

Last week my bank called to ask if I had entered some large bill pay amounts in my online bill pay service. They had flagged them as unusual and contacted me. I had not entered those payments.

We think some spyware got on my PC and logged my keystrokes to get my bank login. (I had anti-virus software and a NAT firewal in my router but not anti-spyware). The bank recommended some high-powered spyware detection software and I installed it. The bank set up a new bank account at no charge for me and moved my linked other accounts to the new account. I was able to login to the new account within 24 hours.

I commend Wachovia Bank for detecting the unusual activity. Their customer service was terrific in helping me quickly adjust to the online break-in.

But… when I logged in to my new account, none of my account history had been moved over. The only transaction was my balance that had been moved over to start the new account. It was just like I was a new customer. I called and questioned this surprising turn of events. I was told that my transaction history in the old account would not be available from my new account.

I wish terrible misfortune on all identity thieves.