Are We Idealogical Idiots?

Are we taking care of our home (planet Earth)?

Some of us are, some are not. In the excerpts below, I highlight some thoughts by Brian Hines and James Miner, who were inspired by the mad rush to develop every bit of usable land in the island paradise of Hawaii.

Link: Church of the Churchless: Viewing life through a narrow bandwidth of ideology

Almost everywhere the land is being overdeveloped. So are our psyches. Surely there’s a connection between the two. Unnatural buildings going up here, the product of minds divorced from natural ways of being.

Maui resident James Miner wrote a letter that was published in the Maui News:

…at some point in prehistory we were all indigenous peoples. We leveraged our higher intellect to survive and thrive while remaining consciously attuned to our instinctual roots.

We understood the language of nature because we knew we were a part of nature. We interacted creatively with the elemental world, recognizing the intimate relationship between spirit and matter.

At some juncture a division appeared in the indigenous mind between intuition and instinct. Intuition became deified while instinct was demonized. Our intuitive resources gazed heavenward, forsaking our original intimate relationship with earth and nature.

We began to worship ideals and forces disconnected from earth, succumbing to what many anthropologists call "ideological pathology."

Now we chase imaginary ideals like a carrot on a stick. We worship religious ideals completely devoid of environmental responsibility. We deify polarized political and economic systems. We crave mass accouterments of power and status. We laud attention on the fluff of celebrity emanating from the "divine" portal of video technology, hoping to avoid the eventual crash of our addictive denial.

Because we view life through such a narrow bandwidth of ideology, we comprehend no other language. We now view nature as this mute, foreign, organic substance needing to be conquered, consumed and manipulated. Because nature expresses without a human dialect, we proclaim it devoid of spirit.