Bamboo: Versatile, Sustainable, and Ecological

Be careful planting bamboo — my wife the gardener warns that bamboo can be very invasive. Bamboo expert Kathryn Grace says that clumping bamboos pretty much stay put, so if you want a contained bamboo garden, choose a clumping variety.

Link: Realizing Ordinary by Kathryn Grace

bambooUsed worldwide for food, medicine, clothing, furniture, housing, bicycles, weapons, boats, packaging, kitchen and household utensils, bamboo is the eco-wonder of the world.

Stronger than hardwood, and touted as the fastest growing plant on the planet (some species grow 1-3 feet a day), bamboo is a highly renewable resource. Resilient and persistent, bamboo is reported to have survived the bombing of Hirsohima, according to the Florida Caribbean Chapter of the American Bamboo Society.

But that's not all. Bamboo consumes carbon dioxide and soil toxins and returns 30 percent more oxygen to the atmosphere than trees. Because of its rapid growth and root structure, it can stabilize soil destroyed by overgrazing and over-building.

And if all that weren't enough, bamboo is just plain beautiful.

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