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We reap what we sow….

Link: GreenBiz News | E-Waste Could Return to Haunt Us.

Some of the toxic jewelry imported from China could made from U.S. electronic waste, recent research suggests.

Ashland University Professor Dr. Jeffrey Weidenhamer plans to publish two papers in the journal Chemosphere detailing his analysis of jewelry pieces, most of which were imported from China.

He found that some of the samples were composed of lead, tin and copper and concluded that they could have been made from scrap electronic solders from electronic waste and old car batteries. The U.S., he contends, is a likely source of these materials.

"Unfortunately, this appears to be a case of us reaping what we have sown," Weidenhamer said in a statement released Tuesday. "Recent news paints a picture that China is exporting all kinds of horrors to us, yet our research suggests that we are part of a circle of poison – with our own hazardous waste not only harming the Chinese, but also being recycled into products coming back to harm our children."