Ten Hybrid Vehicle Myths

From EarthCars.com, some good information about hybrid vehicles. Click on the link for more detail.

Link: Article | Earthcars

Ten hybrid vehicle myths:

1) Hybrid cars are slow and underpowered.

2) Hybrid vehicles lack space, luxury amenities and alternate-terrain capabilities.

3) Hybrids are not cost effective when compared to their non-hybrid counterparts.

4) Hybrids are much more practical for city driving, where better fuel economy is observed.

5) Hybrid vehicles will become too costly as they age and repairs are required.

6) Hybrids need to be plugged in.

7) Diesel powered vehicles match the efficiency of hybrid gas/electric vehicles.

8) Hybrids function more as fashion statements and status symbols.

9) Manufacturers waste money and energy investing in hybrid technology.

10) Hybrid-electric vehicles are the end-all solution to the world’s energy concerns.