Ted Turner and Ray Lane Address Solar Energy

Katie Fehrenbacher at Earth2Tech provides some quotes from the Solar Power 2007 convention on Sep 24, 2007. Ted Turner and venture capitalist Ray Lane spoke about solar energy. Excerpts below.

Link: The Mouth Of The South Turner And Kleiner’s Lane Go Solar « Earth2Tech.

Lane … said solar “is probably the single best opportunity for entrepreneurs to invent a way out of this problem [climate change].” He also called energy opportunities “the largest economic opportunity of the 21st century.”

Not to be outdone (his speech followed Lane’s), Turner called the business opportunity of energy the greatest “in the history of humanity.” “The entire world is going to have to redo its energy regime and solar is going to be a very big part of it,” he said.

The most compelling part of the two entrepreneurs’ speeches was their pleas for the industry to move quickly to invest in companies and innovate in clean energy. “We have to move at warp speed to stop using fossil fuels,” said Turner. Lane, channeling Kleiner Perkin’s Eugene Kleiner, said, “Panic, a lot of times, does produce.” And, we might add, earn a lot of returns.