Trip to Floyd – Day 4

We started the day with a healthy breakfast from our hosts. After we packed the car we walked from the farmhouse up to operations center of Miracle Farm, Ed and Karen’s house.

We were greeted by Pris, the friendliest cat I’ve ever seen. The first time I saw Pris, three days prior, he had rubbed against my legs, purring loudly, and then plopped down on my feet, relaxed and comfortable.Miraclefarmstream

I took some photos of the cats,the organic gardens, and the river (see photo); then the batteries in my digital camera ran out. The camera is several years old and seems to be an energy hog. It really hurt because I missed two scenes that I would have liked to have recorded.

Pris the cat was sitting in front of me, offering to shake hands like a dog. When I bent over to pet him, he jumped onto my left shoulder! Then he stretched out around my neck with his front paws on my right shoulder and relaxed. That’s a friendly cat.

Ann discussed composting with Ed. Advanced gardeners like to share tips and stories about their successes and failures, which often involve composting and mulching.

We said goodbye and drove into Floyd on Laurel Branch Rd. As we traveled east, we saw a sight that was eerie and strange. On a wooden fence that connected to an old shed, a flock of buzzards (turkey vultures) was catching the morning sun. About 30 of these big birds were on the fence and ridge line of the shed, about three feet apart, with their wings open, gathering sunlight. And the batteries in my camera were dead. It was such a unique sighting and I didn’t get to capture it — very disappointing. (Now I know why professional photographers like Doug Thompson carry two cameras.)

We bought some batteries in Floyd, took some photos, and jumped on the Blue Ridge Parkway, headed towards Roanoke. It was a beautiful drive (except for the new houses visible from the Parkway near Roanoke — is nothing sacred?).

In the Roanoke airport waiting for our flight to Atlanta, we reflected on all that we had experienced on the trip. Floyd is truly a unique place.

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