Home Office Realities: Comcast Internet is fast but…

On Thursday morning I discovered that my nightly online data backup (I use JungleDisk — excellent software) to Amazon’s S3 servers had been interupted at 3am because the Comcast internet connection went down. I called Comcast to check and was told that there was an outage in my area.

I implemented my internet connection recovery plan: I disconnected the cable "modem" from the router and plugged the Bellsouth (AT&T) DSL cable into the router. Then I restored the DSL settings from a file to the router. Within 2 minutes I had an internet connection again.

We switched to Comcast Internet because DSL was not fast enough anymore. Our DSL speed is about 256 bps up and 1,500 bps down, whereas Comcast internet speed is about 2000 bps up and 5000 bps down (http://speedtest.net). Big difference!

At 1:13pm I chatted with Comcast about the outage.

Alinani(Thu Nov 1 13:14:32 EDT 2007)>How may I help you?

me_(Thu Nov 1 13:14:43 EDT 2007)>My internet went down about 3am. When will it be back up?

Alinani(Thu Nov 1 13:15:49 EDT 2007)>There’s no ETA, but we are aware of this issues and are currently working on it to have it resolved as soon as possible

me_(Thu Nov 1 13:15:40 EDT 2007)>thanks

Second support chat at 8:38pm in the evening:

Gerardo(Thu Nov 1 20:38:20 EDT 2007)>What is the problem?

me_(Thu Nov 1 20:38:16 EDT 2007)>Is the outage in Woodstock GA fixed?

Gerardo(Thu Nov 1 20:40:32 EDT 2007)>We only have an outage at Jersey City at the moment.

me_(Thu Nov 1 20:40:26 EDT 2007)>OK, thanks.

Gerardo(Thu Nov 1 20:40:54 EDT 2007)>Is there anything else I can help you with?

me_(Thu Nov 1 20:41:19 EDT 2007)>How do I find out when my outage is fixed?

Gerardo(Thu Nov 1 20:42:51 EDT 2007)>Is this cable or telephone outage?

me_(Thu Nov 1 20:42:49 EDT 2007)>Internet

Gerardo(Thu Nov 1 20:45:59 EDT 2007)>We do not have that information at this time, do you have problems with your internet?

me_(Thu Nov 1 20:46:18 EDT 2007)>It went down at about 3am this morning. It was still down in the afternoon.

me_(Thu Nov 1 20:46:23 EDT 2007)>I had to reconnect to AT&T DSL today to get my work done.

Gerardo(Thu Nov 1 20:48:23 EDT 2007)>Ok I think I will have to create a trouble ticket for you. I will check for your signal.

me_(Thu Nov 1 20:48:31 EDT 2007)>If its working now, there’s no need to create a ticket.

Gerardo(Thu Nov 1 20:49:29 EDT 2007)>Ok

Gerardo(Thu Nov 1 20:50:37 EDT 2007)>Is there anything else I can help you with?

me_(Thu Nov 1 20:50:19 EDT 2007)>But it’s fixed now?

Gerardo(Thu Nov 1 20:50:55 EDT 2007)>I assume.

Gerardo(Thu Nov 1 20:51:27 EDT 2007)>We did not have that advice earlier, maybe it is just temporary.

Gerardo(Thu Nov 1 20:51:32 EDT 2007)>Is there anything else I can help you with?

me_(Thu Nov 1 20:51:19 EDT 2007)>No, thanks

Gerardo(Thu Nov 1 20:50:08 EDT 2007)>I think there interruptions but not an actual outage.

Comcast was up and I re-connected. I am not pleased that I have to pay for two internet services, but it is essential for our two home office businesses to have a reliable internet connection. My consolation is sharing this informaton with others who may benefit.