Awakened by a Coyote Pack

Last night at 3:40am I was awakened by the sound of a coyote howling. Even though I’ve heard this same sequence (howl, pursuit, frenzy, quiet) a dozen times in the last five years, it still gets my adrenaline going.

The coyote was howling to call in the pack scouts to work a hot trail. As the scouts joined in the chase, the yipping got louder and more frenzied. While it was probably only four or five coyotes, it sounded like three times that many as their excitement grew and they closed in on the critter that they were chasing.

The yipping became a high pitching shrieking as they caught the prey. We couldn’t tell whether it was a large prey like a deer or a small animal like a rabbit, but soon after the shrieking climaxed, all went quiet.

Last night, they were close to our backyard when they made the kill. (I wish I had some night vision goggles.)

I finally got back to sleep several hours later.

Here’s a YouTube audio that sounds a lot like what we heard last night: