Atmospheric Carbon Hits Record Levels

China exports more than manufactured goods to the U.S.

From comes some troubling news.

Link: Atmospheric Carbon Hits Record Levels:.

air pollution Way out in the middle of the Pacific ocean atop an 11,000 foot volcano, where researchers can get the most representative and clear atmospheric samples, the Mauna Loa observatory in Hawaii has been continuously recording atmospheric changes since the 1950s. Scientists at the observatory announced a few days ago that the carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere have now reached 387ppm, a level we’ve never seen within the past 650,000 years.

Studies suggest that the increasing growth rate of CO2 levels in the atmosphere can be attributed to a few things – a weakening in forests’, oceans’ and soils’ ability to function as carbon sinks, and the increased use of coal in China and other parts of the world.

The website is building a movement to tell the world that 350 is that target to avert climate catastrophe, and ensure a safe future for humanity.

via Fred First at Nameless Creek