Lessons from Neuroscience Discoveries about brain functioning

Keep in mind…

Link: March 2008 HR Magazine: Brain at Work.

  • People need sufficient sleep to integrate learning into longterm memory.
  • Because the brain “shuts off” after a period of time, learning should be
    broken down into bite-size nuggets.
  • Social pain—being rejected or berated—affects the brain the same as physical
  • Social fairness and respect give the brain a chemical boost. Unfairness and
    disrespect do the opposite.
  • Stress can cause people to think unclearly.
  • Uncertainty arouses fear circuits and can decrease ability to make
  • Employees need some ownership over situations to better accept changes. Even
    a little choice helps.
  • Engaging people in more active learning techniques improves retention.
  • Employees’ ability to think clearly can be hindered when employers fail to
    meet expectations or create uncertainty in the workplace.

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