A Gasoline Shortage: We need Plug-In Electric Vehicles Now!

On Saturday at midday I saw two waiting lines of 30 – 40 cars at a local Exxon station. The BP station across the street was out of gas.

On Sunday night at 9:30pm I drove to the local corner gas stations to see if I could fill up my vehicle. The BP station pumps had no activity, but the Exxon station across the street seemed to be active, with short waiting lines. I got in a short line and called my wife to come down and get some gas — the wait didn’t seem too bad.

Then I noticed that the cars sitting at the pumps didn’t seem to be moving. In fact, the drivers were hanging around the station, sitting on the curb and chatting. The driver of the car in front of me got out and went to talk to some of the people standing around. When she returned, I asked her what is going on.

She said that the station was out of gas but everyone was waiting for the tanker truck that was supposed to be there at 8pm. I called Ann and told her not to drive to the gas station — I drove home.

We called the Exxon station at 11pm — still no gasoline.

I wonder if anyone waiting in line to buy high-priced gasoline would be interested in replacing their conventional vehicle with plug-in electric vehicle. (Many gas stations are only allowing customers to buy $20 of gasoline.)

Can this be preparation for the future?

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P.S. 9/29/2008: At 10:15am I waited in line for 20 minutes. When I finally got to the pump, my credit card was approved. When I put the nozzle in, no gas came out. I looked at the pump display and it said ‘Sale Cancelled."  Then an employee of the gas station came out and yelled "Out of Gas."