Beautiful Image: Yosemite Valley Sunset In Winter

Link: Kevin McNeal Photography

Valley View Sunset In Winter - Yosemite National Park

Photo by Kevin McNeal

Kevin McNeal says:

In the process of trying to get a better composition I slipped on the ice and nearly knocked over the photographer’s camera next to me which was a 40,000 dollar Hasselblad H3D. Lucky for me it managed to say up and I was counting my blessings – can you imagine breaking a 40,000 camera? I mean what do you do after it happens – say your sorry and give him your business card and hope to see you again one day; Not likely to happen.  So after begging for forgiveness from the photographer I come across the fact he is the one and only Peter Lik. Now if you do not know who he is, he is unquestionably one of the most successful landscape photographers in the world with galleries all over. He is an Australian photographer who now resides in Las Vegasand now travels in a custom designed F550 made to live in and at the same time get around absolutely anywhere. THIS IS MY IDOL!!! I am not sure how many landscape photographers actually make money but here is one that is great at it and he loves what he does. After speaking with him in great length I came to realize this man has some great wisdom about him. Not only was he the funniest guy around but also most important thing was he did not take himself too seriously.