Building Raised Beds for the Garden

Here are the completed raised beds (except for a watering system). Missy likes being photographed – she's a fox. You can see much more of Ann's garden at

Downhill View Greenery and Missy

Ann and I wanted to expand the food production space in Ann's garden. We decided to remove a row of flowers along the west side of our garden and add four raised beds. I'm the Chief Bed Engineer (CBE) and she's the green thumb. Here's a photo history of the bed building.

I used 12' x 12'' x 2'' yellow pine boards – untreated (it's an organic garden). I brushed two coats of linseed oil on the wood to improve its resistance to rot and termites.

The beds are 24" wide. The most difficult part of the process was leveling the bed boards, since the terrain runs from northwest to southeast.

Our cat Blue inspected the beds after completion. Our cat Missy did soil tests.

Here's the construction process.

Bed 1

Bed 2

Bed 3

Uphill View 4 beds

Uphill View Greenery