An Adorable Orange Kitten Becomes a Great Cat

Kitten Sweetie Wildcat

Four years ago today our neighbor Leigh Ann dropped off an orange kitten at our home. We were going to take care of her while Leigh Ann and Chris were on vacation. They had rescued her from a parking lot the previous week. She was born in a colony of feral cats and was completely wild when her angels swooped in and got her.

She's been with us ever since. She is the only grateful cat I've even known. It's been a great joy to watch her grow up.

Here's her story: Fast Food Kitten – Sweetie Wildcat Arrives.

FYI: Her eye color changed from blue to orange! Her claws are much sharper than our two Siameses. The only place outside she wants to go is onto our deck and sometimes she jumps up to patrol the roof. She eats a lot and often. She's a lap cat and a bed cat. She'll snatch a moth out of the air and eat it.

Sweetie Cat on Roof