Practical Solar Energy Advice for Homeowners

Gail the Actuary provides a forum for home owners with experience to offer advice to home owners who are considering solar energy additions.

The questions below were the focus for the responses.

Link: The Oil Drum

1. Is it best to work with someone who both sells and installs solar PV panels? Or is this something that people end up doing themselves, using a variety of vendors?

2. What brands/ types are best?

3. How much maintenance is required?

4. What experiences have people had who purchased solar PV, then moved to another home? Did the addition of solar PV help the resale value?

5. What have buyers experience with battery back-up been? Is a small amount worthwhile, even if a homeowner is on the grid?

6. Are there any particular issues with inverters that readers should be aware of?

7. If you have purchased solar PV, are you generally happy with it?

8. Where does one find good material to read regarding solar PV?

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