Nature’s Revenge – the White Oak Strikes

White Oak Falls On Deer Fence

Last Sunday we decided it was time to cut down the beautiful White Oak beside our garden. We had postponed this action for several years, pruning this tree that we loved rather than cutting it down. It had grown quite large and was shading the garden from the afternoon sun. Our garden produced significantly less last year due the shading.

With the help of neighbor Chris on the chain saw, the butchery began. The strong wind out of the west was discussed but not heeded. Chris made the appropriate cuts to get the tree to fall towards the southeast, into the yard. It wouldn't fall. Chris kept cutting – finally, the tree fell directly west, crushing the deer fence and smashing some raised beds in the garden.

The tree didn't go out quietly on this sad day.

White Oak Falls On Deer Fence

You can read Ann's description here: