Who Is Really Responsible for our Health Care?

I read this and thought I would share. It suggests that we are responsible for our own health care – not our doctor, not our insurance provider, and not our government.

Simply stated – doing all you can to stay healthy is your best protection against disease and getting full enjoyment from life. Wellness is your best option. This is accomplished everyday through your choices regarding nutrition, exercise and lifestyle. Even most doctors will agree that the body (when functioning properly) has the extraordinary ability to heal itself.  The fact is that our immune systems are continuously destroying viruses, bacteria, fungi and even cancer cells, to keep us disease-free. When we fail to supply that system with vital nutrients, it fails to protect us, not only from disease, but from premature aging as well.

Too much health emphasis today is on the magic bullets advertised on television to fix sickness. Although you may have been fooled into thinking so – Drugs Don't Cure Disease. Even with drugs – the body does the healing. Drugs are designed to offer symptom relief by blocking or intercepting natural biological activity until the body fixes itself. The medical profession will openly admit they have no cure for any autoimmune and other diseases, and only treat to offer relief to its victims.

Make no mistake; western medicine may be the best in the world at handling emergencies and prolonging life. Drugs and antibiotics can be life saving tools in our medical arsenal when used properly, but they should not be used for health maintenance and disease prevention.

Fortunately many people are also turning to non-drug alternatives such as exercise, improved diets and nutritional supplements. JAMA reports that 50% of Americans have gone to alternative care physicians and that 50-70% of Americans are taking nutritional supplements. Even when disease does strike, quite possibly the best solution would be medical intervention with extra nutritional support.

Both health and disease begin at the cellular level. Our bodies are simply an agglomeration of cells that must work together in harmony. Each has its own structure, function, and duty to perform. There are many factors we do not totally understand that lead to disease. But one thing we do know: if our cells, the basic building blocks of life, do not receive the right mix of nutrients, they do not stay healthy. This leads to a cascade effect, which ultimately ends in some disease condition.

Healthy Cells = Healthy Tissues = Healthy Organs = Healthy Bodies

Excerpted from the Golden Keys Mentoring Group.