No Worries

We must do what we can. Always. At night we must go to sleep knowing that we have done our best, and there is no more you can do than that. Do not let the problems overwhelm you. Start somewhere, anywhere, with just the smallest gesture of compassion, and you have made a dent against the evil of the world.

Gottfried Muller, in Thom Hartmann's The Prophet's Way

via Matthew Stein in The Perfect Storm: Six Trends Converging on Collapse

Unforgetable: Scooter the Siamese Cat

Five years ago today Scooter the Siamese Cat completed his ninth life and moved on up, one month after his 23rd birthday.

I'm honored to say that Scooter changed my life. I had never liked cats and Scooter obliterated that prejudice the moment I met him (on my first date with Ann).

He was handsome, wise, and fun. His weakness was fighting (look at his ears), which supported local veterinarians and emergency animal clinics. We miss Scooter today and every day.

Young Scoot

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    Scooter the Siamese Cat photo