Answers to Key Questions about Putting Solar Panels on Your Roof

One Block Off the Grid's mission is to educate people on the ins and outs of going solar. Here's are 10 links that address key issues for homeowners who might be considering solar power.

 …It is easy for the average homeowner to get confused by the all of the conflicting information and technical jargon that is flying around in today’s market. Some solar installers have even used this confusion to take advantage of unsuspecting consumers…

  • The Pro’s and Con’s of Solar Energy – Curious about why solar is such a good idea for homeowners and the environment? This article lays out some important points to consider.
  • Feed-in Tariffs (”FiTs“) – What homeowners need to know about this hot new topic. Europe’s been doing it successfully for years…and it’s already landed in the US. Learn more about Oregon’s Feed in Tariff program.
  • Facts and Statistics about Solar – Learn more about the history of solar panels and what is currently happening in the industry.
  • Solar Tubes – Explains just what the heck solar tubes are and how they work.
  • Solar Panel Trackers – There isn’t much good information out there about solar trackers. This entry helps summarize the data and gives homeowners the facts needed to ask their solar installer intelligent questions.
  • Solar Inverters – Here is a simple explanation of this piece that is found in every solar array – including what it does and why it is necessary.
  • Solar Pool Heaters – Want to keep your pool warm year round? Learn more about replacing that gas-powered heater with solar collectors for your pool.
  • Solar Panel Efficiency – There is lots of inaccurate information out there about how efficient solar panels are at converting sunlight to energy. Read this page to get the real low down.
  • Solar Powered Hot Tub – You might not believe it, but we get a lot of questions from homeowners about how many solar panels it would take to power their jacuzzi. Find out here.
  • Personal Solar Estimator – Finally, an easy and highly customizable tool that allows anyone to see how much money they would save by going solar. 1BOG’s solar estimator is the best on the web and makes exploring the advantages of solar quick and easy.

If you want more information about putting solar on your roof, check out the rest of 1BOG’s solar University for everything you need to know.