Missy the Siamese Wolverine as a New Kitten

Missy the Siamese Wolverine 2005-07-27

Eight years ago today Ann brought this kitten home. She was the sister of Blue Star, who had been with us two weeks. She wasn't as pretty as Blue – she had huge feet and ears. We named her Mist.

She grew into those feet and ears and became a beautiful specimen of strength and confidence. We started calling her Missy. She had to be outside all day, consenting to be pulled in at dusk only at our insistence.

Recently we became aware of her feats of boldness and courage when she was out in the woods and fields, and we started calling her the Siamese Wolverine. We are still grieving her June 1 death at the hands of an evil human. He didn't know about the curse of the wolverine, but he will find out.

P.S. Here's the story of the terrible day: Missy the Siamese Wolverine – RIP

We Miss Our Siamese Wolverine

Missy the Siamese Wolverine was a magnificent blend of strength, beauty, and confidence who boldly sought adventure in the fields and forests by day and companionship with her humans at night.


A month ago I found our beloved cat Missy, the Siamese Wolverine, shot and buried by someone in our neighborhood.

Since that day, we have experienced much sadness, anger, and grief over losing such a unforgettable companion.

Although we don’t know when, we know the killer will suffer greatly for this evil act.

We want to thank everyone who offered sympathy and support.

P.S. Here’s the story of the terrible day: Missy the Siamese Wolverine – RIP