Missy cat meets wild turkey

My wife and I were watching a wild turkey feeding in our front yard when our alpha female cat Missy started stalking the turkey. I ran upstairs to get the camcorder to record the feathers and fur flying. Instead, they both decided that conflict was not in their best interest. (Unfortunately I had to video this scene through window blinds and screen.)

P.S.: We saw a TV show on lions last night. A lioness was facing a pack of hyenas. She laid down and looked the other way to show she was not afraid. Apparently Missy was showing the turkey that she was not afraid. (Missy is quite a brave cat.)

Can Sandhill Cranes Predict Weather?

On Feb 5, 2012, we saw sandhill cranes migrating north. That is very early to be headed north compared to our sightings over the last few years. Normally, they wait until March.

We saw them migrating south around Jan 1, 2012. That was about a month later than usual.

The winter here has been very warm in February and March (as of March 15). Here, on March 15 in the Atlanta area, it is sunny and 81 degrees.

How did the sandhill cranes know it was going to be a mild, short winter?