Great Photos by Brad Washburn

If you like Ansel Adams’ photos, check this out.

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Source: Brad Washburn Photos | Outside Online.

From the September issue of Outside magazine, an article about the life and photography of climber, explorer, and mapmaker Brad Washburn, courtesy of the Panopticon gallery in Boston, Massachusetts. To get your copies of Washburn’s work, check out Panopticon’s Web site at

Bull Sluice on the Chattooga

My brother-in-law Bill and I swam in the pool below Bull Sluice last Friday. I’ve wanted to swim (voluntarily) in that pool ever since I first saw it.

I swam in the pool involuntarily once after running Bull Sluice in a kayak. I survived the white water but flipped in the strong eddy in the pool on river right. (I was so relieved to have run the drop without hitting Decapitation Rock that I relaxed too soon.) The eddy pushed me against the rocks on the shoreline and I missed one attempt to roll and decided to get out. It was autumn and I got COLD fast!

Photo by J. D. Anthony

P.S. There have been at least two dozen documented deaths in Bull Sluice. The first time I kayaked Section 3 of the Chattooga River I walked around Bull Sluice. I was having a very bad day (two significant injuries, several swims, and no confidence) and it was obvious that I wasn’t ready for a Class 4-5 rapid.

Photos for Pat Hite

My aunt Pat Hite (my mother’s sister) was diagnosed with terminal cancer in the spring of 2004. Being bedridden, she was missing the beautiful spring outside.

I decided to create a photo album of pictures taken in our yard to send to her. Pat passed away on June 1, much earlier than I expected. I was very disappointed that I was not able to complete the photo album and get it to her before she died.

I have posted it to my weblog as a tribute to Pat, who loved country living, nature, and beauty.

To see the photo album, click here.