Missy the Siamese Wolverine as a New Kitten

Missy the Siamese Wolverine 2005-07-27

Eight years ago today Ann brought this kitten home. She was the sister of Blue Star, who had been with us two weeks. She wasn't as pretty as Blue – she had huge feet and ears. We named her Mist.

She grew into those feet and ears and became a beautiful specimen of strength and confidence. We started calling her Missy. She had to be outside all day, consenting to be pulled in at dusk only at our insistence.

Recently we became aware of her feats of boldness and courage when she was out in the woods and fields, and we started calling her the Siamese Wolverine. We are still grieving her June 1 death at the hands of an evil human. He didn't know about the curse of the wolverine, but he will find out.

P.S. Here's the story of the terrible day: Missy the Siamese Wolverine – RIP

Our Cat Missy Is A Rascal


Yesterday was a beautiful day here – 65 degrees
and sunny here.

I was out by the garden making a video for my
storm-proof vegetable garden trellis book when our Missy cat walked up with a
small brown snake on her mouth. She was very proud of her catch.

It seemed very strange to me that a snake was out in
February; it must have been in a sunny spot when Missy caught it.

When I walked up, Missy dropped the snake near the
little pond on the west side of the garden. It appeared unhurt. I picked Missy
up and took her to the driveway to give the snake some time to get away.

When I put Missy down, she headed straight back to
where the snake had been dropped.

A few minutes later she came into the garage soaking
wet. She must have chased the snake into the pond with a little too much

Ironically, about 3 hours earlier I put an electronic
tracking device on her collar. (Sometimes she doesn’t come in at dark, when the
danger from coyotes becomes significant.)

This electronic tracker is not recommended for dogs
because it can be damaged by submersion in water. I told Ann that “we don’t have to
worry about Missy shorting out the tracking device because she never gets very

Missy’s Mischief: Stuff Happens

I was in my office at 7:45am this morning when Missy, our Siamese/Himalayan cat, looked in the window. She seemed to want me to come downstairs and let her in. I went down to the deck and she came over to jump off the roof. Due to the weekly monsoon, everything was wet and slippery.
Missy was very concerned about jumping down onto the grill, the usual path, which has a plastic cover that was wet. She had some problems getting her footing on the gutter. When she jumped, the landed on the backside of the grill, slipped, and went over the edge of the deck, about a 15 foot drop.
She landed on her feet, but when we got her in, she was shaken and had a chunk of fur missing from her forehead. We are watching her closely.
Our cats keep life interesting. Subtract one from her nine lives.
Here's Missy before her fall:

Missys Face

Here is Missy after her fall:

Missys Face

She might not be as pretty as she was if she has a scar. But she must be feeling OK because she's back to bullying the other cats.

PS: Missy was back on the roof three days later. The roof wasn't wet, so I hope she learned not to go on the roof after a rain.

Blue Arrived Four Years Ago

Young-BlueFour years ago today Ann went to look at some kittens. We were looking for a companion for our new kitten Sweetie Wildcat. (Scooter the Siamese Cat had passed away two months prior to Sweetie's arrival.)

Ann arrived at a home where some seven-week-old kittens were available. One of the kittens crawled out from under a sofa where it had been hiding from the kids and came to Ann. She picked her up and the kitten went to sleep in her arms. Easy decision.

Sweetie was not overjoyed to meet her new companion at first, as you can see in the photo. They have become great friends over time. 

Today Ann took Blue to the garden. Blue spotted a wood rat that had been eating the beans (we thought chipmunks were to blame) and ended its existence with a terrier-like shake. She was very proud of her hunt. We are so pleased that this joyous, pretty kitten came to live with us and is also a working garden cat.Sweetie-Meets-Blue

An Adorable Orange Kitten Becomes a Great Cat

Kitten Sweetie Wildcat

Four years ago today our neighbor Leigh Ann dropped off an orange kitten at our home. We were going to take care of her while Leigh Ann and Chris were on vacation. They had rescued her from a parking lot the previous week. She was born in a colony of feral cats and was completely wild when her angels swooped in and got her.

She's been with us ever since. She is the only grateful cat I've even known. It's been a great joy to watch her grow up.

Here's her story: Fast Food Kitten – Sweetie Wildcat Arrives.

FYI: Her eye color changed from blue to orange! Her claws are much sharper than our two Siameses. The only place outside she wants to go is onto our deck and sometimes she jumps up to patrol the roof. She eats a lot and often. She's a lap cat and a bed cat. She'll snatch a moth out of the air and eat it.

Sweetie Cat on Roof


Nature in the Backyard: Cat Meets Black Rat Snake

Missy the Siamese/Himalayan cat on a leash

I was walking our alpha female cat Missy on a leash when she spotted something strange in the pinestraw bordering our back yard.

I realize that many people would wonder why I would walk a cat on a leash. Missy had never, in her three years of life, been outside until I started walking her, in late August 2008 (3 weeks ago). Our three cats have always been indoor cats, for a good reason. Our cats don’t go out due to the pack of coyotes that patrol our neighborhood; these coyotes have reduced the outside cat population greatly in the last few years.

Scooter, our Siamese cat who died in 2005 at age 23, apparently knew how to deal with coyotes because he went out daily until he was forced into retirement for fighting. But Scooter was street smart and woods wise.

We don’t want our three cats to learn about coyotes the hard way, so we’ve kept them inside. But Missy has been so restless this summer that we decided to give her some new adventures, hoping that she might quit misbehaving (peeing in sinks, knocking the other cats around, etc).

On September 6 Missy and I were strolling on the edge of the back yard when she spotted the black rat snake. Missy didn’t look at it very long because she didn’t know what it was, and it wasn’t moving. I decided to start her education on large snakes. So I picked her up, tucked her under my arm, and walked over to the snake for a close inspection.

Black Rat Snake

Before I go any further, let me offer some advice. Don’t do this!!! The six-foot snake stayed still for about 20 seconds. Then, it decided to move on. Missy’s eyes bugged out and then she freaked.

If you’ve never had a cat that you are holding freak out, you are fortunate or smarter than I was.

Our cats have claws — when they are frightened, they use their claws to accelerate away from the cause of the fright as quickly as possible. Since she was under my arm, I was the launching pad for Missy’s sprint to safety, and her claws used my arm and hand, instead of the ground, to push off.

Needless to say, my right hand was scratched badly. Missy ran to the end of the leash and climbed about three feet into the air when the leash halted her sprint. She was running back to our house. I ran after her to try to get her under control. She hit the end of the leash several times before I was able to catch up to her. I grabbed her behind her shoulders with both hands, held her out at arms length to avoid the windmilling legs with claws out, and got her back in the house.

I returned with the camera to take photos of the snake. I’m assuming its the same black rat snake that has been around our home since 2005 – how do you tell one six-foot black rat snake from another? Since snakes that large are relatively rare in neighborhoods, I think it’s the same snake.

I met this snake for the first time in 2005, soon after Scooter died. It was having lunch at the expense of a nest of cardinals in a rose bush behind our house. You can see photos at this link: large black rat snake visits.

In April of 2007, it visited again. A week later, I discovered where it lives: snake condo.

This snake started hanging around our home soon after Scooter, our beloved Siamese cat, was no longer around to claim our yard as his territory. I hope it stays around because it is safe here.

An intriguing question: Does Missy’s reaction mean that cats have an innate fear of snakes? (Do people?) Please leave your opinion as a comment.

Caught with Her Pants Down

Missywanted posterYesterday Ann saw Missy in the sink of our half bath acting suspiciously. After Missy jumped out of the sink, Ann investigated. Missy has peed in the sink!

Today Missy jumped up on the counter in my bathroom and got in the sink. Ann was watching her — she called me to come see. Missy was peeing my my sink!

We have rarely ever seen her use the litter boxes. We thought she was just shy. But shy is not really her nature — she’s a big, strong, rough bully with the other cats. Apparently she has discovered a way to use the bathroom for private matters.


Missy as a young cat