Sandhill Cranes Migrating – Feb 2014

I heard a big flock of sandhill cranes flying over on the afternoon of Feb 16, headed north. When I went outside and saw them, it looked like about 400.

I've been hearing them go over almost every day through Feb 21.

I hope this means that this very cold winter is over

Sandhill Cranes Spotted Migrating North on 2-15-2013 in Woodstock, GA

Here are some other dates that I've seen sandhill cranes over our home in Woodstock, GA:

Sandhill Cranes Migrating South on 11-25-2012

Sandhill Cranes Migrating South, 1/1/2012

Sandhill Cranes Migrating North on 2-18-2011

Sandhill Cranes Migrating North Mar 4, 2008

Sandhill Cranes Migrating South Nov 30, 2008

Sandhill Cranes Migrating North Mar 3, 2007

Sandhill Cranes Migrating North Feb 21, 2006

Sandhill Cranes Migrating South Dec 13, 2005

Sandhill Cranes Migrating North Feb 22, 2005

Sandhill Cranes Migrating South Nov 27, 2004

Can they predict the beginning and end of Winter?


Can Sandhill Cranes Predict Weather?

On Feb 5, 2012, we saw sandhill cranes migrating north. That is very early to be headed north compared to our sightings over the last few years. Normally, they wait until March.

We saw them migrating south around Jan 1, 2012. That was about a month later than usual.

The winter here has been very warm in February and March (as of March 15). Here, on March 15 in the Atlanta area, it is sunny and 81 degrees.

How did the sandhill cranes know it was going to be a mild, short winter?


Video of Moving Train hit by Tornado

Don't mess with Mother Nature.

Camera mounted in rear facing locomotive (I am told it was 4th out in consist of 4 engines).

It occurred in Illinois, earlier this year. Watch, especially to the left — watch the trees bend, debris in the air, and you can actually see the tornado pass from right to left.

The trestle seen at the end of the video was moved out of alignment to the left 18 inches — the tank car was a load of Ethylene Oxide — nasty stuff.

via Chris Anderson