HealthSouth’s Saddam

Scrushy’s wealth soared along with HealthSouth’s stock, giving him an estimated net worth of $300 million in the late 1990s. And he flaunted it. He conducted business aboard his 92-foot yacht, Chez Soire鬠which he kept moored alongside his vacation home in Palm Beach. And he was just as ostentatious at work, opening the 74-acre hilltop campus in 1997 and building a fleet of 11 corporate jets.

As he assumed the trappings of wealth, Scrushy became an increasingly imperious leader, say insiders. He publicly berated financial analysts who dared to challenge his forecasts of continued growth. Staffers feared him, too. Scrushy would pop up unannounced at his rehab centers for surprise inspections. Like a drill sergeant, he would run a finger along the tops of a picture frame, then wipe it on the blazer of the center’s administrator. Any visible mark meant points deducted — and possible dismissal.

BusinessWeek, Too Good To Be True, April 14, 2003