The Magazine Cover Jinx Hits Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods’s image as a clean-living sports icon is in tatters – adding irony to the front cover of Golf Digest magazine’s January issue, which went to press before the sex scandal broke.

Tiger Woods on the cover of Golf Digest advising Obama

This is another chapter in a long history of magazine covers signaling a major trend change. For example, Business Week picked Enron as the most successful business in American just before it disintegrated. Being on the cover of Sport Illustrated has seemingly jinxed athletes and teams many times.

Magazine cover appearances may signal the Peak of Hubris for the fallen idols.

Link: Best man speech could draw Tiger Woods out of hiding – Times Online.

The magazine features a mocked-up picture of Woods acting as caddie to President Obama, to illustrate an article headlined “10 Tips Obama can take from Tiger.” The feature, now causing some embarrassment at Golf Digest, suggests that the President, struggling to turn around a recession, could learn the art of “the quick recovery” from the famously adept golfer.

“Woods is a good role model…because he has always been able to pull himself together after setbacks,” it notes, also observing: “Woods never does anything that would make himself look ridiculous.”

I doubt that Obama will be getting any advice from Tiger.