Beautiful Image: A Song at Dusk

A Song at Dusk by W B Skinner on deviantART.

A Song at Dusk

W B Skinner says:

When I travel to different areas of North America to fight forest fires, I often stay in basecamps and travel to the fireline every morning by truck, bus, or helicopter.

Ontario is the last province in Canada to require its forest fire fighters to actually live on the fireline for weeks on end until the fire is out. This means we camp where we initially land to action the fire and are serviced by helicopter thereafter. We almost always land in a small flat wetlands where we are able to set up a pump and lay a hoseline to the fire edge.

In the 17 years I’ve done this job, I’ve calculated that just over two entire years (700-800 days) of my life has been spent living in a tent. There have been good campsites and bad ones, but mostly in bug-infested wetlands.

After the pump is shut down and we’ve eaten a good meal in the bug tent, I like to relax, have a smoke, and listen to the cacaphony of crickets, waterbugs, frogs, black flies, and mosquitoes. The sounds of a boreal forest wetland at dusk in the deep of summer are almost deafening.

Then all at once they stop… in almost perfect concord all the sound just ends.

…and the song at dusk is over.