National Geographic Magazine Photographer: Show and Tell

National Geographic contributing photographer Joel Sartore talks about being on assignment for the world's greatest magazine.

Link: Joel Sartore

 A strong conservation message along with how we can all help to save the planet. Video footage provided courtesy of Conservation International

Beautiful Image: Fall Season In Alaska – Fall Season In Alaska by Kevin McNeal

Fall Season In Alaska by Kevin McNeal

Fall Season In Alaska,Wednesday, 24th September 2008, by Kevin McNeal

Kevin McNeal says: I just got back from a couple of weeks in Alaska to shoot the tundra. I got lucky and timed it right as the reds were illuminating everywhere. I was also lucky visiting Denali to see the mountain the whole time I was there. Up to now the mountain had only been visible four times this year. Anyways, I realize this is an iconic image but it means something personally has I have dreamed of seeing this mountain and to see the tundra in red as well. Three Bracketed Raw images/Singh-Ray Color Combo.