Blue Arrived Four Years Ago

Young-BlueFour years ago today Ann went to look at some kittens. We were looking for a companion for our new kitten Sweetie Wildcat. (Scooter the Siamese Cat had passed away two months prior to Sweetie's arrival.)

Ann arrived at a home where some seven-week-old kittens were available. One of the kittens crawled out from under a sofa where it had been hiding from the kids and came to Ann. She picked her up and the kitten went to sleep in her arms. Easy decision.

Sweetie was not overjoyed to meet her new companion at first, as you can see in the photo. They have become great friends over time. 

Today Ann took Blue to the garden. Blue spotted a wood rat that had been eating the beans (we thought chipmunks were to blame) and ended its existence with a terrier-like shake. She was very proud of her hunt. We are so pleased that this joyous, pretty kitten came to live with us and is also a working garden cat.Sweetie-Meets-Blue