Akiane, Child Artist

Akiane painted the picture below and wrote the description at age 11. Here’s a link to her story – Akiane.


This is a portrait of a leopard family – an allegory about the human family.

Safety, love and growth are the branches that a happy family rests on.

The thickest branch is the branch of love.

And the branch that goes up is the branch of growth.

The branch in front that keeps them from falling is the branch of safety.

The fathers’ paws are on the branch of safety symbolizing that it is he who can protect and provide for the family best. The growth branch is positioned also on his side.

At first glance one can not notice the baby leopard, and it is because I tried to blend him into his mother. I believe the young animals just like human babies are so connected with their mothers that they cannot live happily without each other. They are part of their mother. That bond lasts as long as the memory.

via Joanne Starodub