Beautiful Image: Capitol Peak Evening

Link: Earth Shots » Capitol Peak Evening by Tad Bowman

Capitol Peak

Tad Bowman says:

This photograph was taken during the Fall season of Capitol Peak near Aspen, Colorado. The sun was filtering through the clouds warming the foreground while a snow storm was approaching quickly in the background.
Equipment: Canon 1dsMII, tripod, 70-200mm lens

Beautiful Image: Morning Glow

I spent some time backpacking in the San Juan Mountains in my younger days. This photo captures the beauty that I saw.

Link: Earth Shots » Morning Glow by Tad Bowman

San Juan Mountains

Tad Bowman says:

This photograph was taken at sunrise in the San Juan Mountains of Colorado. A storm had come throught that night and the remaining clouds caught the glow of the new sun for the day. Equipment: Canon EOS 1ds MII, 24-70 L Series Zoom Lens Tad Bowman

Grizzlies in Colorado?

Some good news for those of us who like bears.

Link: Dean Parisian Chippewa Partners

The Colorado Division of Wildlife (DOW) is investigating a report of a grizzly bear sighting. The DOW has occasionally received reports of grizzly bears in the past, but to date, no report has been confirmed. The most recent report was made by two hunters who have past experience with both grizzlies and black bears. The sighting took place on Sept. 20 in the San Isabel National Forest near Independence Pass.

The two hunters reported watching a female grizzly bear and two cubs at a distance of about 80 yards for approximately a minute through binoculars and a spotting scope. The bears were observed in a clearing. The hunters were unable to find tracks or scat after the bears moved on.