Preparations and Possibilities for the Decline of Fossil Fuels

The Archdruid Report describes an energy future in the middle ground between today’s energy inefficient American lifestyle and the apocalyptic collapse envisioned by the doom sayers. It looks like deep insight combined with common sense to me.

Denial about the implications of our oil addiction will boomerang on us. This kind of realistic guidance is most welcome.

Link: The Archdruid Report: Energy: Preparations and Possibilities

One of the many ironies of our present situation is that today’s energy-squandering lifestyles actually give us more room for maneuver as energy supplies decline. Especially in the United States, we waste so much energy on nonessentials that a large fraction of our energy use can be conserved without severely impacting our lives. Consider the suburbanite who mows his lawn with a gasoline-powered mower, and then hops in a car to drive down to the gym to get the exercise he didn’t get mowing his lawn! From Christmas lights and video games to three-hour commutes and Caribbean vacations, most of the absurd extravagance that characterizes energy use in America and other industrial countries only happens because fossil fuel energy has been so cheap so long.

Mature technologies and proven lifestyle changes already exist that can save half or more of the energy the average American family uses in the course of a year. Nearly all of them were already on the shelf by the late 1970s. At this point it’s simply a matter of putting them to work. Since most of them require modest investment, and prices for many of the materials involved are likely to soar once energy prices shoot up and conservation becomes a matter of economic survival for all but the very rich, getting them in place as soon as possible is essential.

Read the whole essay here: The Archdruid Report: Energy: Preparations and Possibilities