Coyotes Are Hunting

At 2:20am this morning I was awakened by a long coyote howl from our back yard. A few seconds later I heard the acknowledging howl from far off. Coyote packs send out scouts to find food and relay the information over long distances. If food is found – like an injured deer or meat in the garbage can – the finder calls the pack in.

These are smart animals sharpened by survival of the fittest and by adapting to nature and civilization. Unlucky cats and small dogs who are out all night are especially vulnerable. Be safe with your pets.





Nature in the Backyard: Coyote

I walked into the bathroom at 10am and glanced out of the window into the backyard. A large coyote came out of the woods into our backyard, running at half speed. He cut across our backyard and headed towards the street. I lost sight of him as he passed on the east side of our house.

I ran to the garage but I didn’t get to see where he went. Based on his direction, he ran up the walk way in our backyard and between the driveway and the garden. I wonder how often this occurs.

It could happen several times a day and we wouldn’t see it very often. I just don’t know if I was fortunate enough to be in the right place at the right time or if it’s a commonplace occurrence. The path the coyote used is a place where Scooter often goes when we take him out.

What would have happened if Scooter had been on the path when the coyote came by? Would I have been able to intervene quickly enough to prevent Scooter’s demise?