My Four Food Groups

In my world, there are four food groups:

  1. Food that tastes bad and is bad for you.
  2. Food that tastes good and is bad for you.
  3. Food that tastes bad and is good for you.
  4. Food that tastes good and is good for you.

Food that tastes bad and is bad for you must be avoided. Often, it's the spoiled stuff that gives you the "stomach flu." It's fairly easy to avoid if you pay attention to the smell and taste. No one eats it knowingly.


Food that tastes good and is bad for you is the most dangerous food. It's addictive and fun to eat. Most food ads on TV feature this kind of fare. It keeps the hospitals filled and the pharmacies busy. Fast food is the perfect example; it you want to see the effects, watch the movie Super Size Me. It's very hard to stop eating this food once you start because it is engineered to use salt, sugar, and/or fat to stroke your pleasure centers in the brain.

Food that tastes bad and is good for you is what is available at many "hippie" health food stores. Fresh tofu, bean sprouts, and wheatgrass juice are examples. Most Americans are so accustomed to commercial food that tastes "good" that they can't eat it. Many of the people who eat from this food group are skinny. They are rarely seen and may become extinct.

Food that tastes good and is good for youis the holy grail for healthy eaters. Whole Foods and Trader Joes are making big profits selling this kind of fare. We have a garden, which is the best place to get food that is good for you because you know how it was grown (one of the great advantages of locally grown food). Some of it doesn't taste good to the people who eat only processed and packaged food. Fortunately for me, my wife Ann can take food that doesn't taste good and is good for you and convert it into food that tastes good in her kitchen.

Photos from Ann's garden at 

A garden and a homecooked meal are revolutionary acts

I am very grateful to my wife Ann, whose green thumb provides us with home-grown food which become tasty and healthy homecooked meals. Her blog at Inspired Gardening documents her garden and food preparation.Fresh from the garden

From the Of Two Minds blog, Charles Hugh Smith writes:

…"a garden and a homecooked meal are revolutionary acts." These simple acts are revolutionary because they upend the oppressive regime of agribusiness, packaged/fast food and the sick-care system–all parts in a seamless system of ill-health, derangement, torpor and chronic disease which can be treated with enormously expensive and mostly needless medications and procedures.

This is what I term an integrated understanding of the entire system of growing and consuming food and health. Agribusiness, fast food, high salt, high fat and high sugar processed "foods" (poisons is a more accurate term), chronic illness and various derangements, and an immensely profitable sick-care system are all one. There can be no "solutions" without an integrated understanding that simple behaviors are the heart of any and all real solutions. Buying something "new" is a simulacrum "solution" marketed to reap profits.

The solution to sick-care starts not with 1,000 pages of legislation, paid for with trillons of dollars of borrowed money but with an understanding of the causal connections between gardening, vegetables/food, cooking rather than consuming, self-reliance, goal-directed activity and responsibility for one's health.

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