Magdalen Hsu-Li: Impressive Talent

Magdalen Hsu-Li was born in my home town of Martinsville, VA, (long after I was gone). I’ve only listened to a few of her songs, but I like. She appears to be talented on many dimensions: songwriting, singing, performing, painting, business. Below are some excerpts from an interview.

If you visit her website at

you can hear her music. Please leave a comment and let me if you like it.

Link: Collected Sounds – Interview with Magdalen Hsu-Li.

I love breaking the myth of the starving artist. That is such a lie that people tell artist from the day they are born and it’s so sad that so many artists psych themselves out with this myth. There is always a way to make a great living from music or any art form if you are willing to use your creativity to the business aspect. People think that creativity should only be in art and the business should be in business. But the most successful business people use their intuition and creativity to problem solve and figure out how to make things work. It’s important to work from both ends using your creativity. I also would like to break through the glass ceiling for Asian Americans in the American music industry. People don’t think it can be done right now but I know it can and it should happen soon!