Leopard Seal Adopts Photogapher

Link: Watch: Leopard seal teaches photogapher how to hunt | MNN – Mother Nature Network

Photo: Brian Lam/National Geographic
Brian Lam calls the time he spent being taught hunting by a leopard seal in the chilly waters of Antarctica "the most incredible experience I've ever had as a National Geographic photographer". While photographing the giant sea predator, he was adopted by a large female leopard sea who spent four days trying to teach him to hunt penguins. At first the seal would bring him live healthy penguins. After Mr. Lam failled to catch them, she brought weakened penguins, then dead penguins before finally ripping apart a penguin in a last ditch effort to show the photographer how to eat.
Watch this, it's pretty amazing:
It's fasinating behavior, you might think that the last thing a predator wants to have around is competition, but maybe sometimes the desire to have a buddy to play around with overrules that. Having easy to catch penguins around probably makes it easier to invite a new mouth into the local scene.
via Chris Anderson

National Geographic Magazine Photographer: Show and Tell

National Geographic contributing photographer Joel Sartore talks about being on assignment for the world's greatest magazine.

Link: Joel Sartore

 A strong conservation message along with how we can all help to save the planet. Video footage provided courtesy of Conservation International

Secret Yellowstone on National Geographic Channel

Yellowstone National Park is one of the most amazing places I’ve ever seen. I’ve been there many times and each trip always brings new revelations. (Here are some links to photos I took the last time we were there: Slough Creek Whitewater, Buffalo Fights for Survival in Yellowstone.)

Ann and I watched Secret Yellowstone on National Geographic Channel last night. The introduction had the kind of hype that is used to sell products on late-night infomercials. We were prepared for a superficial "scare the tourist" video and we were pleasantly surprised by the high quality of the content and special effects.

In this video, National Geographic went deep inside the 2 million acre national park to reveal the backcountry wilderness few have seen. They showed a few of the 300 newly discovered waterfalls, some of them stunningly scenic. They focused on the impact of how wolves, back after five decades of absence from Yellowstone, are helping restore the balance in the ecosystem alongside the grizzly bear and bison. The big "secret" is the geology of Yellowstone — the giant well of molten lava underneath the beautiful park. If you like Yellowstone,I highly recommend this show. I hope to hike to some of the newly discovered waterfalls the next time I’m there.

Here’s the introduction from YouTube.