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Link: Jefferson’s Unstoppable Mind and Yours.

Neuroscience discoveries about unstoppable minds:

1. They see into the future while targeting the moment.
2. They spark curiosity yet cultivate steady alertness.
3. They capitalize on differences yet build on similarities.
4. They grow dendrites and beat the pathology of aging brains.
5. They run from cynics’ cortisol and embrace creativity’s serotonin.

Lessons from Neuroscience Discoveries about brain functioning

Keep in mind…

Link: March 2008 HR Magazine: Brain at Work.

  • People need sufficient sleep to integrate learning into longterm memory.
  • Because the brain “shuts off” after a period of time, learning should be
    broken down into bite-size nuggets.
  • Social pain—being rejected or berated—affects the brain the same as physical
  • Social fairness and respect give the brain a chemical boost. Unfairness and
    disrespect do the opposite.
  • Stress can cause people to think unclearly.
  • Uncertainty arouses fear circuits and can decrease ability to make
  • Employees need some ownership over situations to better accept changes. Even
    a little choice helps.
  • Engaging people in more active learning techniques improves retention.
  • Employees’ ability to think clearly can be hindered when employers fail to
    meet expectations or create uncertainty in the workplace.

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