Atlanta: Water + Development = Political Contributions

I'm often amazed at how politicians think about key issues. Atlanta is facing a water shortage in the near future and the key concern is how it will affect development and developer money for politicians. Didn't over-development play a key role in the financial crisis?

Maybe people will just drink Coke products and Coke can increase it's contributions to the politicians for eliminating water as an option for quenching thirst.

Link: Cherokee Tribune – Water Wars.

On July 17 [2009], Judge Paul Magnuson ruled that the metro area [Atlanta] is not authorized to withdraw water from Lake Lanier, because supplying water is not among the purposes established for the lake, a U.S. Army Corps of Engineers project. The ruling came in connection with a long-standing legal battle among the states of Georgia, Alabama and Florida with regard to use of the Chattahoochee River, which was impounded to create Lake Lanier. If the three states can't come to some agreement in three years, Magnuson's ruling calls for water withdrawals from Lanier to be cut back to 1970s levels.

That's effectively a death sentence for metropolitan Atlanta, so it's easy to see why the ruling has apparently lit a fire under the state's formerly moribund chief executive.

Practically speaking, curtailing development in Atlanta could curtail the economy of the entire state.

Politically speaking, no development in Atlanta means no Atlanta developers, or bankers, or road contractors, or other folks who profit from residential, industrial and commercial development in the metro area, writing checks to political officeholders and office-seekers in Gov. Perdue's Republican Party.