April 10: Scooter’s Birthday

On April 10, 1982, a pretty Siamese cat gave birth to a litter of kittens. The runt of the litter was named Scooter. The owners of the cats gave Scooter to Ann as a gift.

I met Scooter on my first date with Ann in 1991. I was not a cat person, but it didn't take long for Scooter to change my attitude about cats.

Scooter left his physical body soon after his 23rd birthday in 2005. His magnificent spirit lives in my memory. Ann still cries about losing him. He brought us much joy and some tears.

Our three young cats have assumed some of his traits. Sweetie is a great lap cat; in his later years, Scooter stayed in my lap for hours when the weather was cool while I worked at my computer. Blue, a runt herself, loves to play and is very smart, just like Scooter. Missy is a fierce warrior and fears no cat; Scooter loved fighting (and the local vets loved patching him back together).

Here's a picture of Scooter. If you would like to read about his life, click on this link: