The Food Lobby Provides Dietary Advice

BusinessWeek summarizes how food and drink companies responded to a federal advisory panel's recommendations on new dietary guidelines.

Perhaps we don't need to watch our diet with medical insurance for everyone guaranteed by the government. By the way, who pays those premiums?

Link: BusinessWeek Magazine

Salt Institute
A recommendation to limit sodium to 1,500 mg a day would make Americans eat more "to satisfy their sodium appetite and their hunger for taste satisfaction."

American Meat Institute
Advising consumers to eat "moderate" amounts of meat and poultry may result in nutritional deficiencies.

American Beverage Assn.
Telling Americans to avoid sugar-sweetened beverages "overstates the role" of these drinks "in the rising rates of obesity in America."

The Sugar Assn.
Says "no causal link can be established between the intake of sugars and lifestyle diseases, including obesity."

National Confectioners Assn.
Says federal agencies need "to pursue guidelines that are realistic and accommodate all foods, including occasional treats in moderation."

International Dairy Foods Assn.
Agrees low-fat dairy products are healthier but is pushing for "moderate amounts of added sugar" to "help increase the palatability" of dairy foods.