Beautiful Image: Waterfall


Link: Earth Shots » Uninterupted by Tad Bowman.

Uninterupted by Tad Bowman

This photograph was taken in Cherokee National Forest in North Carolina. I decided to zoom in on a portion of the waterfall because I was intrigued by the converging lines of water. Equipment: Canon EOS 1dsMII, 70-200mm Lens, Tripod

Tad Bowman

Mountain Biking Heaven

Ann and I love mountain biking on unpaved country roads. Ten years ago we drove to north Georgia every weekend for 4 – 5 hours of biking. It provided adventure we could enjoy together (we had several close encounters with bears) and kept us fit. Due to a combination of busyness in our lives and unfettered development in north Georgia, we don’t do it anymore.

We want to live in a place where sights like this are only a short ride away.

Perfect Mountain Biking Road

Photo: A Warm Countryside Morning by Tad Bowman

Beautiful Image: Contrast

On this last calendar day of autumn, here’s a great photo of aspens in Colorado.

San Juan Mountains of Colorado

Link: Earth Shots » Contrast by Tad Bowman.

Photographer Tad Bowman says:

This photograph was taken in the San Juans of Colorado. I was drawn to the lines of this scence (aspen boles and the rocks in the ridge) as well as the brilliant fall color of the aspens. I took about 70 shots of this scene over an hour and a half timespan to try to capture the light the way I wanted on the aspen strand and the light being muted on the ridge in the background.

Equipment: Canon EOS 1dsMII, 70-200 mm lens, tripod

Beautiful Image: Capitol Peak Evening

Link: Earth Shots » Capitol Peak Evening by Tad Bowman

Capitol Peak

Tad Bowman says:

This photograph was taken during the Fall season of Capitol Peak near Aspen, Colorado. The sun was filtering through the clouds warming the foreground while a snow storm was approaching quickly in the background.
Equipment: Canon 1dsMII, tripod, 70-200mm lens

Beautiful Image: Morning Glow

I spent some time backpacking in the San Juan Mountains in my younger days. This photo captures the beauty that I saw.

Link: Earth Shots » Morning Glow by Tad Bowman

San Juan Mountains

Tad Bowman says:

This photograph was taken at sunrise in the San Juan Mountains of Colorado. A storm had come throught that night and the remaining clouds caught the glow of the new sun for the day. Equipment: Canon EOS 1ds MII, 24-70 L Series Zoom Lens Tad Bowman