Leaders that Sacrifice the Future

I don’t rant often on this blog, but I had to let this out.

We have many leaders whose great skill is misleading us, by exploiting our fears, dreams, and beliefs. Many untruths and much corruption will be exposed by the financial crisis of 2008.

Economic reality is not altered, in the long term, by the self-serving words of politicians and CEOs. They must have a messiah complex to think that what they say will magically come true when they are just hoping to suspend the natural laws of economics (again).

They use charisma and mass psychology to get trusting people to believe their words. These trusting people are finally seeing that many of our leaders are looking out for themselves, greedily plundering organizations large and small to enrich themselves and their cronies, to the detriment of the electorate and investors.

Voters and stock holders have believed and trusted their leaders (who seem to know how to exploit every crisis for their own personal gain) are depressed by what is happening. When enough people get depressed, the economy will follow.

Do we get the leaders we deserve? I encourage every one to ponder that question.

Do corrupt leaders get what they deserve? Some do, but many don’t. Why? Because often they make the rules or can avoid the consequences.

Let’s all pay more attention to the slogans, excuses, explanations, and scapegoating offered by leaders at every level. We can’t afford to be misled any more.