Frank Lacy, Virginia Gentleman

Frank Lacy, a fine human being who was a good samaritan in my home town, recently passed away. I first knew Mr. Lacy as a neighbor who let the neighborhood kids play football in his yard. Later we played basketball in his driveway.

As a teenager I often saw him at the golf course. Not even the tortuous game of golf could anger him or affect his mild manner. He appeared to exist in a remarkably even state of being, neither pulled down by the setbacks in his life nor inflated by his considerable success in business and status in the community. Here’s a link to Virginia State SENATE JOINT RESOLUTION NO. 346, celebrating the life of Frank McCormick Lacy.

I last saw him at the Kings Grant Retirement community when I was visiting my father in 2001. Even though he was in his 90’s and hadn’t seen me in 20+ years, he remembered who I was.

The Frank Lacy that I knew did not seek attention or the bright lights of publicity. He was dedicated to doing the right thing quietly, nicely and politely. He was truly a Virginia Gentleman.

Longing for Beautiful Places

image copyright Fred First

Once upon a time I spent a lot of time in places. I really miss the sound of running water, the clean air, the shadowy shapes of trout feeding, the call of a kingfisher taking flight from an overhanging tree limb, and the possibility of seeing bear tracks or a bobcat.

When the door opens, we will leave the Atlanta suburbs to live in an area where beautiful streams are within a short walk.

Photo by Fred First from his back yard in Floyd, VA. He’s a lucky man to have such beauty so close. Here are more of Fred’s photos on Flickr.