Beautiful Image: Waterfall


Link: Earth Shots » Uninterupted by Tad Bowman.

Uninterupted by Tad Bowman

This photograph was taken in Cherokee National Forest in North Carolina. I decided to zoom in on a portion of the waterfall because I was intrigued by the converging lines of water. Equipment: Canon EOS 1dsMII, 70-200mm Lens, Tripod

Tad Bowman

Beautiful Image: Summers Surrender

Photo Summers Surrender by *wb-skinner on deviantART


WB Skinner says:

From the old road I could hear the water cascading in the distance. I made my way through thick under-brush toward the sound… camera and pod in one hand and shielding my face with the other. I smiled when I saw the falls … and gasped when I saw the last tidbit of summer surrender to the colder season.